What is spread betting

May 26, 2012  //  Posted by: Financial advisor  //  Category: Finance

Bet on spread, spread betting Have you heard people talk about spread betting but clueless about what is it? Well, this kind of betting has become very much popular in counties like UK. In this betting the winner is not decided on who wins or loses the event. The winner is decided on who predicted the outcome of the event more accurately and almost to the actual level. There will be a range for the outcomes and it is called the spread. The bet will be based on the outcome of the event but in a different way.

In spread betting people bet either the outcome will be below range or above the range i.e. the spread. The margin of win or loss is very huge in this kind of betting and a good deal of risk is involved. In most cases the betting has equal wagers on the different betting sides. Spread betting in sports is very popular and profitable. Financial betting is the new trend in the market through which investors and financers are making lot of money.

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