Tips to keep your cash flow healthy

May 29, 2012  //  Posted by: Financial advisor  //  Category: Finance

Tips to maintain healthy cash flow , cash flowYou have to make sure that your terms of payments are stated very clearly in the invoices and as the date of the payment draws near you should be reminded. When you see that, there is a due in the invoice you have to start the process of chasing. You have to make offer to the customers for discounts on early payments. You have to do a bit of shopping around for the deals that are better in terms of energy of business, communication and insurance and also gas.

As much as ninety five percent of the value of the invoice and you will be able to release the cash within as little time as twenty-four hours. When you have new customers, you will have to check the credit of the customers. make sure you do a proper check before you give supplies of services and goods. If you are not sure, you should demand for upfront payment.

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