Tips on Improving your Credit Score

October 25, 2016  //  Posted by: Suzan  //  Category: Credit
Rating showing Credit Score

Credit Score Rating scale

Good credit score helps you in happening and enjoying many doors of your life. It helps in opening the doors and inviting the opportunity of funds towards you. Whether you are applying for a loan or mortgage for buying any expensive product, your credit score do comes into action. Credit score works as a deciding factor while purchasing or mortgaging any loan amount. Basically, the higher your credit score sounds, the higher are the possibilities of your loan or mortgage to be approved. If you are actually planning of improving your credit score, keep one thing in mind. It is not going to improve overnight, right? It might take some of the months for noticing that gradual improvement in increasing your credit score.


  • The first step that you should comply with, is asking for a copy of your credit report. All the major credit bureaus provide a free copy to their consumers of the credit report. They provide once in every 12 months.
  • Once you are having your report, began identifying the errors. An inaccurate step leads to effect negatively to your credit score. Take your time and thoroughly check for the credit report copy you got it.
  • Paying your bills on time is another tip for improving your credit score. Payment history is considered to be the significant factor for identifying your credit score. Keeping the criteria in mind, you should be attentive in paying your bills on time.
  • A strong history of the bills helps you in building your image in the market. As you are having a strong credit score, lender easily gets attracted and leads you with lending the money. Among different ways of paying the bills promptly. Transferring the amount of bill directly by opting for automatic route of transaction sounds more suitable.
  • Setting up the calendar in your phone will help you in knowing when you have the pay the bill and what the last date for repayment is. Improving your credit score by knowing the exact amount of credit utilization taking place.
  • Credit utilization means the sum amount of all the balances divided by the total credit limit. Lower utilization rate of credit score generally sounds positive because you have not acted beyond your stipulated credit score limit.
  • Planning of closing your older accounts? Don’t close it because your old account works as the proof of reliability and helps you in improving your credit score. Closing off your old account will not lead you in having any effect but many a times, it proves out to be having a negative impact on your credit score.
  • Don’t lose your temper. It is advisable of performing patient enough while planning for improving your credit score. Stay patient and committed on what you are thinking. Once you start thinking and getting positive vibes, it means that you have started achieving your planned path of improving your credit score.
  • Also, keep in mind certain factors like any activities related to your account will affect your credit score. Think twice before performing any transaction that is harmful and can affect your credit score negatively.

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