Saving Resolution For 2014

January 02, 2014  //  Posted by: Financial advisor  //  Category: Finance

Money SavingAs the New year starts approaching people start deciding and making plans on various things like holidays , beauty treatments ,which new car to purchase or even a new house for that reason. People become elaborate in their spending but very few people think of making a New Year resolution of trying to build up their bank balances. This can only happen if one makes ‘saving’ their goal in life. Since saving can be a challenge for the future then why not in this New Year 2014 let us all decide on ways and methods to save money for a better future.

Now the million dollar question that would arise to everyone’s mind would be “How”? Well there are many ways to do so, it’s only that one has to have the strength, dedication and determination to say “No” to various things like cutting down on Smoking, and the daily intake of Alcohol, parties, going to restaurants more during the week, going to the salon more often than required, going to the clubs to play cards and end up losing more money than gaining. Purchasing things that are out of their budget just because they want to keep up with the Jones, can prove to make a big hole in the pocket.

It is human nature to envy what others have and that makes us do irrational things, like purchasing just because we think that it will make us feel better about ourselves, this is what happens when ones willpower is very low as willpower is a highly elusive quality in every human being. Many times people become egoistic and the thrill of immediate gratification lasts for a certain time span, but the longer the period it gets harder and thus results in high failure rate. As one cannot buy ‘Willpower’ or ‘Stamina’.
As we all lack strong willpower at some point in our lives so why not make our weakest point our strength in achieving our goal of saving money. So now let us start from today and never forget the saying “Drop by Drop makes an Ocean”.

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