How to open an online trading account

May 22, 2012  //  Posted by: Financial advisor  //  Category: Trading Tips

Open an online trading account, trading accountFor complex transactions, online trading account could be the best option, though getting started is quite easy but some complex requirements to be satisfied.
To start off, you as always need a name, address, contact details, a social security number allotted by the government and a residential address of the home country. A photo identification proof document is being asked by some broker as to reflect your residential status.

A Stable business, accountings in terms of net assets and capital worth and the turnover with the net profit margin to be declared. The authority requirements need to be satisfied with corporate terms like speculation, growth or aggression. With online trading, two words are your concern, margin account that you open with a literal loan from your broker and the pay interest from the returns of the security purchased. The other being Options Account, where small time bets are made on stock options.

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