Silver investment tips

May 14, 2012  //  Posted by: Financial advisor  //  Category: Investing tips

Invest in silver, investmentsMoney does not come on its own to anybody. One has to invest it in the right areas for it to grow. And that is exactly what is known as the best way to increase one’s wealth. However, there are a number of things that one can invest in and since all of these are governed by the market forces, it is very important to choose what exactly is the condition of that particular item.

Investing in silver can be a very lucrative scheme as they have been known to have given rich dividends to people before. Also since the rise of silver has been steadily carrying on in the last few years, one can easily trust on it. One should always go for silver if and only if they are interested in long term investment as silver is something that gives the best returns only in long term. With silver one has to be very patient for a good return for their money.

What is novated lease?

May 13, 2012  //  Posted by: Financial advisor  //  Category: Investing tips

novated leaseCost saving at all fronts is the new agenda for every corporate entity, so the new trend goes, instead of possessing a fleet of cars on purchase, the call should be arranging cars on hiring agreement, it saves a lot. A number of options are available to ease your leasing decisions, while among them Novated Lease makes a good score. So the terms being, the company leases the automobile on behalf of its employees, and the maintenance rests on the employee, while the company deducts the lease amount from the pre-tax monthly salary of the employee on proportion basis.

Well to simplify, the agreement takes place between employer, employee and the leasing company. After the agreed terms being signed on the dotted line, the employee is legally bound to pay the lease rental, which is generally included in the salary package of the company. IF the employee resigns, the Company is freed from contracts and the employee gets the burden. Novated lease comes on different terms on cost borne and range of benefits.

Top 3 investment plans for the year

April 29, 2012  //  Posted by: Financial advisor  //  Category: Investing tips

In the present world, where the complete economy is unreliable, anything can happen at any moment. In such a situation you will definitely look for investment plans which are the best so that you can get good returns from them. You can obviously invest in the share market because according to the predictions made by many eminent economists, the market will be rising in the current year and may even touch a new height.

But keep in mind that these predictions are made by taking few factors in mind. There is no such rule that the market will strictly follow the prediction. So you have to keep a careful eye on the market. Another very good pathway for investing is gold. The gold price is ever rising and there is no chance of it going down. So you will always be at a profit. And the risk is also very less on your part.

Silver investment: how to make the most of it

April 26, 2012  //  Posted by: Financial advisor  //  Category: Investing tips

Investing in silver might be an excellent way to gain a hold in the market. The market is very unpredictable but there are ways to tackle it the right way. Start out small. Know your beneficial and strong points. Study the market and learn from your own mistakes and others’ too. Silver investment can really work for you. Be careful while you tart out as the market can fluctuate. But if you gain knowledge about how things work, then you might be able to predict it in some way or another so that your predictions are close enough for maximum profit.

In the long run, prediction of silver’s value in the market might be hard, but seeing results in the year 2012, so far, it seems to be good. Many people are gaining profit out of it. You can see this as a small time project and gain as much as you can from it as long as it tends to last.

An account on tax lien investing

April 25, 2012  //  Posted by: Financial advisor  //  Category: Investing tips, Tax

Tax lien investing is a great way of earning profits with minimum hardship. It’s a good way to plan your finances. By investing in tax lien you need not worry about the fluctuating market, whatever the market condition be your earnings will never fluctuate towards the negative side. Tax lien investing requires some time and effort and if you are not able to give it a considerable time, then don’t worry you can hire yourself a tax lien agent who will perform all functions such as bid at tax sale, maintain portfolio etc.

For all this you need to pay a minute share from your profit as management fees to tax lien agent. Note how much you pay to the tax lien agent depends on how much you invest in account of tax lien. The minimum tax lien investing for most agents ranges from $20000 to $30000 onwards. People who want to invest in tax lien after retirement can do so only if you are provided with self-directed IRA or solo 410(k).