Top 3 ways to invest your money

November 25, 2012  //  Posted by: Financial advisor  //  Category: Investing tips

investment tips, investmentOne of the best options where you can make an investment of you hard earned money is gold. This is a precious stone that has its value always on the rise and it does not seem to come down in the near future. Apart from that, the rates are increasing at an alarming speed and having made an investment now would be a very wise thing to do.

Another great place to make an investment is the real estate market. Like gold, the valuation of land does not really see a downward graph until and unless a natural calamity strikes the place. Therefore, unless you are not investing on a property over an active volcano, real estate investment can be a great option for you. Investment on mutual funds can also be a very good option but it is subject to market risks and so you have to make your research well.

Essentials of claiming back PPI

November 19, 2012  //  Posted by: Financial advisor  //  Category: Personal Finance

PPI claim, creditYou have to be careful that you are not missold when it comes to PPI. First of all, you have to contact the lender. You may contact the lender by phone but it is advised that you contact in writing as in that way, you will be able to record the conversation as evidence as it may be useful in future.

It is a misfortune that many banks and providers of loan would plead ignorance and even suggest since you have made a signature on the contract you will be liable for it. The statistics are in your way. It has been seen than more than two third of the complaints have managed to get the compensation from the banks or the loan provider for a misselling of the PPI insurance. However, it will also be important for you to follow up the case with persistence. These are some of the things that you will have to consider in this regard.

What is zero percent balance transfer deal

November 06, 2012  //  Posted by: Financial advisor  //  Category: Credit

balance transfer, creditThere has been an incredible rise in the number of offers and discounts and services provided by credit card companies and banks. The reason is that there is fierce competition in the market when it comes to attracting customers with attractive credit card deals and every one is in a race to come up with something new.

The newest card in the block issued by a few credit card loaning companies is the zero percent balance transfer deals that are being offered to customers. This deal allows a zero percent balance transfer period of twenty two to twenty three months. A nominal fee is however charged for the card and the service.

One thing that one should be aware of is that this zero percent balance transfer deal cannot be availed by those who have a bad credit history. In fact, unless and until you have a spotless credit history, your application for the card is probably going to be rejected.

How to control your retirement bonus plan

November 01, 2012  //  Posted by: Financial advisor  //  Category: Investing tips

 retirement bonus plan,  retirement Every one of us should secure our future in accordance with our present. It is very urgent to opt for a particular retirement plan so that you can live without worries after your retirement. There are many retirement plans now available in the market. You can invest in any of such plans since they promised to give you good returns after your retirement. Also you can invest in mutual funds or other schemes and pay premium at regular intervals so that after your retirement you receive a handful amount to secure your life post retirement.

Next, you can invest in stocks of companies or go fixed deposit in any bank which also ensures the receipt of a good amount of money. Even there are certain retirement plans which offer you bonus if you don’t claim your amount before the stipulated time. So make sure that you secure your life post retirement with some good retirement plans besides securing your present.