PPI compensation claims

May 21, 2012  //  Posted by: Financial advisor  //  Category: Insurance

Reclaim a PPI, PPIPPI claims are basically short for payment protection claims. They are also known as insurance of credit protection, credit insurance or insurance of loan repayment. By these insurance, it is ensured that a consumer makes the repayment of a loan if the borrower dies in the process or meets with any other unfortunate event like getting ill, becoming disabled or losing job. You should not confuse yourself with the insurance of income protection, as the two are not the same.

Income insurances do not deal with debts. the claims of Payment Protection Insurances are sold by different banks on a wide range. Different types of loans for consumers can be insured by acquiring the payment protection insurances. All loans from home loans, car loans to loans for financial property can be insured by the payment protection insurances. There are different categories of payment protection insurances and each of them may have a different policy regarding the process of insurance.

Retail banking for business clients

May 20, 2012  //  Posted by: Financial advisor  //  Category: Business Support

Retail banking, bankingThis kind of a banking is now functional and in a developing stage especially in countries of growing economy like India. Retail banking has transactions executed with consumers directly instead of dealing with banks or other corporations. The services in retail banking and business include transactional or savings accounts, personal loans. Mortgages, credit and debit cards etc. Commercial bank is different from that of an investment bank and refers to a bank that deals with loans, deposits and savings etc. There are private banks which manage the individual’s assets and other offshore banks under this category that have their own jurisdiction of function and are generally associated with lower regulation and taxation. Under retail banking falls the category of community development banks as well that is the chief controller in providing financial credit and services to markets and populations that are undeserved. The entire business and banking sector runs on a high if retail banking sector functions properly.

Managing foreign financial asset

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Manage foreign financial asset, financial assetCorporations that are involved in doing business with many countries have their profits influenced by the rates of the foreign exchange. Revenue is received by this company by the operations held in the foreign countries with the currency that is local to that country. However, at the time of stating the earnings and publishing the statements of the finances, it will be done in the currency of the country of the company.

If a company of the United States makes affairs in other country, the fund of the profit will show lesser dollars if the revenues of that foreign country is decreased. The companies should hedge with the contractors of future. One has to offset the currency of the foreign country or the revenue that is expected with forwards or futures in order to manage the risks of the foreign exchange. Another effective way of managing the risk of foreign exchange is the buying of swaps.

Managing federal grants

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Manage frederal grants, federal grantsFederal grant is a sort of financial support given by the government to a particular individual to help him carry out a public cause, stimulation or support permitted and authorized by the law. It is actually a sort of loan which is granted to the individual to further a cause which has a public interest in general. But as is the case with all forms of loan, management of the money is very important and managing federal grants is also a skill that is necessary for those who receive it.

The management of federal grants requiring managing the total expenditures of the grant amount apart from the proper documentation and reporting. Federal grants management also involve the proper way to increase the efficiency of the funds in hand. As these grants are provided by the government, an important part of managing these sort of grants is to handle the audits and also ease its impact.

What is an online merchant account?

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Online Merchant Account, online businessMerchant accounts are the special accounts provided by few companies to its customers for receiving payment online from sources like, e-check, credit cards, debit cards and net banking. With the increased amount of online shoppers the demand for online merchant accounts are also increasing. If you too want to own a merchant account then you should make a good survey of the companies providing it.

While going for the merchant account, you should be sure about the fact that you select the best company providing you with this service. If you are looking for credit card services then find a company that does not charge you much on the cancelation of the payment. Some of the companies giving the merchant account ask you to sign a contract while others don’t. Getting into a contract is a thing one should always avoid. So, think wisely about the choices you have for opening an online merchant account.

Dealing in preference shares

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Preference shares, sharesHaving a portion of a company’s equity is known as having preference shares. The ones who hold preference shares are the ones who get paid first by the company. With preference shares you are entitled to get a dividend at a rate which would be prescribed for preference share holders. Preference share holders are priority for the company over the general share holders, thus this makes sure that the risk involved is minimal.

The only drawback of preference share holders is that they do not get to vote in the company; something which the normal share holders enjoy. Thus a preference share holder does not get to be a part of the decision making process. There are different types of preference shares; common ones are fixed-rate hard retractable, floating-rate retractable, floating-rate perpetual, soft-retractable, fixed-floating. There are some other preference shares available too which depend on the rate and maturity period.

Dealing in preference shares

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Preference shares, sharesShares and the share market can be a very interesting thing for some people. The sheer mystical way in which the money is made to go round from one place t another can be something that can interest a person. One of the things that one can deal with is the preference shares. These are special shares and are different from the common ones. It is recommended that one has a little knowledge about them before they actually start dealing.

Preference shares are usually given to those who are entitles to have dividends at a fixed rate. These shares have less risk in them than the general shares of any organization. Also preference share owners are prioritized over the general share holders when payments are made. However, as with all things, there is a catch. Preference share holders have no voting rights i.e. they do not have any say in the running of the organization at all.

Silver investment tips

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Invest in silver, investmentsMoney does not come on its own to anybody. One has to invest it in the right areas for it to grow. And that is exactly what is known as the best way to increase one’s wealth. However, there are a number of things that one can invest in and since all of these are governed by the market forces, it is very important to choose what exactly is the condition of that particular item.

Investing in silver can be a very lucrative scheme as they have been known to have given rich dividends to people before. Also since the rise of silver has been steadily carrying on in the last few years, one can easily trust on it. One should always go for silver if and only if they are interested in long term investment as silver is something that gives the best returns only in long term. With silver one has to be very patient for a good return for their money.

What is novated lease?

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novated leaseCost saving at all fronts is the new agenda for every corporate entity, so the new trend goes, instead of possessing a fleet of cars on purchase, the call should be arranging cars on hiring agreement, it saves a lot. A number of options are available to ease your leasing decisions, while among them Novated Lease makes a good score. So the terms being, the company leases the automobile on behalf of its employees, and the maintenance rests on the employee, while the company deducts the lease amount from the pre-tax monthly salary of the employee on proportion basis.

Well to simplify, the agreement takes place between employer, employee and the leasing company. After the agreed terms being signed on the dotted line, the employee is legally bound to pay the lease rental, which is generally included in the salary package of the company. IF the employee resigns, the Company is freed from contracts and the employee gets the burden. Novated lease comes on different terms on cost borne and range of benefits.

What are CFDs

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What are CFDsCFD is basically a contract between two different parties that deal with the entry price and the exit price of any financial instrument. The traders in CFD get to invest on shares that are domestic as well as global ones with foreign exchange, commodities and indices. CDF’s are also derivatives where you don’t own the physical commodity or share; instead you earn profits or run into losses depending on the share prices that move along.

This means that you don’t own the security and you aren’t even entitled to vote. Along with buying CFDs you also get to sell them if you forecast that the share prices may depreciate. These are very simple like that of shares which you trade. Calculating profits and losses for CFDs are similar to those of calculating shares. The only difference is that you don’t buy CFD with your own money but with the borrowers money; these money lenders allows you to put leverage on the CFD trade.