Tips on improving online banking

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Tips on online banking

Operating online banking by a computer or a phone? Sounds something unique, isn’t it? But it is one of the common ways to operate your online banking process. Stopping at an ATM and withdrawing the money for paying off the food bills and other expenditure is no one does now. Online banking is among the simplest way to deal with finance now days. We all live online banking, but you know who the most is in love with online banking? The hackers. But the security of online banking has increased with many benefits. Well in simple words it doesn’t allow any one to operate your money unless you are eligible for operating the banking account. The security measures of online banking have increased a lot. Surely, the below stated tips offer a better way of securing your accent while transacting and service of buying up any product online. For surely banking online, follow the tips.

Online banking tips:

  • Two factor authentications are among the most secured way of online banking. When you are logging into any website, you prove yourself by entering the username and the passwords. This is what you called is one factor.
  • A two factor authentication, you are asked for entering another piece of password or identification that makes you eligible for operating the account further. Temporary code is one such option for example.
  • The bank would text you’re an OTP – One Time Passwords or text you’re on your email with a link. You need to sing up the link or enter the code given to your registered mobile number. It is not possible that someone else would be able to access your account because the code is being sent to your mobile number or your registered email id.
  • Try out of the reach of public Wi-Fi. You cannot easily access over the data send you via a public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi is observed on some kind of coffee shops, or hotels. Basic surfing on internet through this type of Wi-Fi scope is okay but operating your personal details like online banking, or sharing your personal bank details online with such a source of Wi-Fi is not at all advisable. Following this will help you in improving your online banking in a better way.
  • While travelling, mobile banking is one such option that helps you to not to stop at any point. By paying the amount online, you can easily crack up the deal like paying for hotel reservation and many more of the factors.
  • Setting up the reminders for changing the account or banking passwords is one such option that increases efficiency of online banking. Probably go for creating a stronger password that offers better security to your online banking transaction.
  • Ask for your bank how it is keeping your transaction records. Many of the banks have the facilities of providing bank statement online while some bring them at home. Asking them for the help of details is advisable of better understanding of your online banking transaction.

Tips on Improving your Credit Score

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Rating showing Credit Score

Credit Score Rating scale

Good credit score helps you in happening and enjoying many doors of your life. It helps in opening the doors and inviting the opportunity of funds towards you. Whether you are applying for a loan or mortgage for buying any expensive product, your credit score do comes into action. Credit score works as a deciding factor while purchasing or mortgaging any loan amount. Basically, the higher your credit score sounds, the higher are the possibilities of your loan or mortgage to be approved. If you are actually planning of improving your credit score, keep one thing in mind. It is not going to improve overnight, right? It might take some of the months for noticing that gradual improvement in increasing your credit score.


  • The first step that you should comply with, is asking for a copy of your credit report. All the major credit bureaus provide a free copy to their consumers of the credit report. They provide once in every 12 months.
  • Once you are having your report, began identifying the errors. An inaccurate step leads to effect negatively to your credit score. Take your time and thoroughly check for the credit report copy you got it.
  • Paying your bills on time is another tip for improving your credit score. Payment history is considered to be the significant factor for identifying your credit score. Keeping the criteria in mind, you should be attentive in paying your bills on time.
  • A strong history of the bills helps you in building your image in the market. As you are having a strong credit score, lender easily gets attracted and leads you with lending the money. Among different ways of paying the bills promptly. Transferring the amount of bill directly by opting for automatic route of transaction sounds more suitable.
  • Setting up the calendar in your phone will help you in knowing when you have the pay the bill and what the last date for repayment is. Improving your credit score by knowing the exact amount of credit utilization taking place.
  • Credit utilization means the sum amount of all the balances divided by the total credit limit. Lower utilization rate of credit score generally sounds positive because you have not acted beyond your stipulated credit score limit.
  • Planning of closing your older accounts? Don’t close it because your old account works as the proof of reliability and helps you in improving your credit score. Closing off your old account will not lead you in having any effect but many a times, it proves out to be having a negative impact on your credit score.
  • Don’t lose your temper. It is advisable of performing patient enough while planning for improving your credit score. Stay patient and committed on what you are thinking. Once you start thinking and getting positive vibes, it means that you have started achieving your planned path of improving your credit score.
  • Also, keep in mind certain factors like any activities related to your account will affect your credit score. Think twice before performing any transaction that is harmful and can affect your credit score negatively.

Right Ways To Manage Your Personal Finance

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Managing your personal financeManaging your personal finance is the thing which you should be focusing on right from the time you start to earn money. As these is the stage where you need to develop the habit of managing your personal finance along with making savings. If you learn to manage your personal finance in an appropriate manner, you can achieve your goals very easily and would be financially very much stable in your whole life. Of course managing your personal finance is not going to stop the bad financial contingencies but what it will do is to help you tackle it in the best possible manner and get yourself back on the track easily. Here are some of the right ways which will help you to manage your personal finance like a pro.

  • Track your spending

When it is said to track your spending, it should be definite time period. You can take a month and if it too longs for start then you can also consider a week for initial stage. If you keep a track on your spending for a week you will get an exact idea as to where when and how you spend your money and is it totally necessary to spend such a huge amount of money. For managing your personal finance, it is not only enough to track your spending it is also important to analyze your spending as it will make you aware about of your money. Consider every type of spending while managing your personal finance like debit card spending, credit card bills and also real money. Keep a diary with you and note down every minor expense of yours whenever you make one. This will be the best thing as here you will not forget any single thing.

  • Make a household budget

By taking into the account the data you have collected of your monthly or weekly spending, you must work forward on it and make a household budget. We all know budget is just like the rules which are made just to break, But if you want to become a pro in managing your personal finance then you must make a household budget and follow it regularly and peculiarly. While making the budget makes sure that you are realistic with your budget, if you sincerely want to follow your budget then you need to realistic and mark down all those expenses which are necessary and you can’t stay without making those expenses. Of course there will be little ups and downs but it should not be more than little.

  • Save some of your money

The most important thing of managing your personal finance is to make adequate savings. It is of no use if your expenses are higher than your income and at the end of the month you are left with empty hand. Thus while managing your personal finance, you must put some of the income on a side as your savings and take the rest in your expense consideration.

Types Of Mortgage To Opt For

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Different types of mortgageMortgage is such an agreement where in you give the right to the mortgagor to take away your property if the mortgagee fails to repay the money in specified time. Mortgage is similar to that of home loan only. Here also you take the mortgage for buying a new home and you take the mortgage on the home you are buying or any other property of yours. In today’s time, there are too many types of mortgage which you can opt. You might not be having knowledge about each of them and hence you don’t have varied choices to pick from. But if you want mortgage and you are in search of finding the right type of mortgage then you must study each and every type of mortgage and then pick one which is best and suits your needs in all manner. Here are some of the types of mortgage which you can opt for.

  • Reverse mortgage

Reverse mortgage is such type of mortgage which provides people with income who are generally over the age of 62 years and has enough equities in their homes. Retired people sometimes use this reverse mortgage and it is by far the best type of mortgage for retirees. They opt for reverse mortgage to supplement their income and get a good sum of amount out of their homes which they paid a long time ago. Here you can swap out your mortgage if you get a better deal. When you refinance your mortgage, you will get a new mortgage which pays off your old mortgage. This can cost you with money but it can be paid off after some period of time if you get the numbers to line up appropriately.

  • Second mortgage

Second mortgage will enable you to have another mortgage on the same property. Your second lender will be having the position of second number. This indicates that the second lender would be paid only if there is any amount left after paying off the first mortgage lender. First priority will be given to first mortgage lender and he would get his total amount back and then if anything is left behind then it will be given to the second mortgage lender. Such type or mortgage is usually taken for higher education and home improvement projects. In the situations of financial crisis, such type of mortgage is usually used to cash out your home equity.

  • Mortgage by conditional sale

When mortgager sells the property which is mortgaged on the condition that

  • When there is a default of the payment of mortgaged money on a specific date, the sale will become absolute.
  • On the condition that when the payment will be made fully, the sale will become void
  • On the condition that when the full payment will be made, the buyer will transfer the property back to the seller.

Any transaction with such condition will be referred to as mortgage by conditional sale.

Important Things to know about Tax Deducted at Source

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Important Things to know about Tax Deducted at SourceWe always want that some of the other way which can help us in getting down with our tax but in reality that it not considered being the fact right? I know there are many different ways which can help you in getting the information of getting and lowering down your tax so that you can enjoy up the fruit of your money which you have earned for. Well, here comes the importance of tax deducted at source. In simple words we can say that tax deducted at source means that requirement which the salaried person have to pay to the government and which the individual can go for asking it back. Not only is that but the government considered to be liable of paying it back too to the person.

Well, there are many things which can help you in the matters of knowing about tax deducted at source which you must need to understand because it is going to be helpful to you only when you will be in the condition of getting back your money which you paid to the government. Well there are certain important things which you need to take in to account about tax deducted at source like it is being liable to be paid by such individual who are salaried, it is deductible at various rates which are being specified by the government, etc. and many more of the things which is considered to be known by the individual about tax deducted at source which is beneficial to the individual only.

Important things to know about tax deducted at source

  • Well as stated above that there are many things which you need to know about tax deducted at source because it is going to be ultimately beneficial to your which is considered to be in the favour of the individual.
  • We must take that in to consideration that it is going to be deducted from those individual who are earning some of the part and it is considered to be mandate to pay it to the government which they will pay back after sometime to the person who have been paid this amount of they rates which are being decided by the government.
  • Well, tax deducted at source invites to such of the income which are being earned by any of the salaried person which is considered to be mandate thing to be paid to the government. Not only has that but followed up to the specific criteria which are being decided by the government.
  • The deductor is needed to go for filling up the form which is considered to be informative for the government which can help them in getting the information of the money deductor who is paying up the money in accordance to the rates which are being specified by the government. Not only that but there are specified dates which are being decided by the government and only on those days you can go for paying of your tax deducted at source.

Types Of Loans

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LoanThere are several types of loans, some you might be aware of and some which you are not aware of. Loan is taken when a person is need of money and he does not have but do have a capacity to pay if given time. Thus there can be varied reasons for taking a loan. But when you are taking a loan, you must decide which type of loan you want and which will be the best suited to you. Here are several types of loans with characteristics and their features also know pros and cons of each one of them and then decide which one to opt for.

  • Personal loans

Personal loans are such loans which are very common and it is offered by most of the banks. Such loan can be used for any of the goals. You can use proceeds of this loan for almost any kind of purpose. Personal loans are considered as the unsecured loans and it can range and it can range from few hundred dollars to few thousand dollars. Lender will be checking out for verification or any proof or any asset for the amount which would be equal to your borrowing. Application for such types of loans is generally two pages long and if it is approved then its approval is granted within few days. Interest rate on such types of loans can be pretty much higher. It can be about 10 to 12 %. One of its drawbacks is also that it has to be repaid within a period of two years. Thus you can borrow this loan only when you have a capacity to pay it within this definite period of time. Thus if you are seeking this loan for investing into a large project, you cannot take this loan as large projects take long time to generate money.

  • Credit cards

When any person uses credit card, he just takes a loan which he is promising to pay at some later date. Credit cards are considered to be the most attractive source for getting finance for any individual as credit card is very prevalent in many markets and it is accepted worldwide. If you want to obtain a card, you just need a one page application. The process of credit review is also very much fast. If you have a made a written application it is generally approved within a month or maximum two months. If you see from usage point of view, credit cards are very much flexible.

  • Cash advances

Cash advances are also considered as a type of loan only. It is type of short term loan and it is offered by credit card companies. Cash advances can be quite easy to obtain but of course like other types of loans, there are some or the other drawback to these types of loan. These types of loans are not tax deductible and also the interest rate charges and other related fees can also be quite high. Amount of loans can be hundreds of dollars and hence it can not be used for long term needs of finance.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Checking Account

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Checking AccountChecking account is very useful account for the people who don’t want to carry their cash everywhere. Checking account is considered as the primary tool in US banks. You will observe people opening more of checking accounts as compared to the savings and current account. Opening a checking account is very easy and simple. Its procedure is not complex as compared to the other account in the banks. The concept of checking account are widely accepted by the financial institutions, banks or the credit unions because it can help the them to sustain and make their prestige of the bank. Checking account is considered a featured account which is stored with many benefits for the customers opening the checking account. There are many advantages of checking account but it is also supplied with the disadvantages too. These advantages and the disadvantages will help you to ascertain the concept of checking account.




  • Checking account is such account which can be opened with the nominal fees of bank. Unlike other accounts in the banks. People is resolved from the problem of caring cash at everywhere but with the help of the checking account the checks are prepared and paid off against cash. This account is more safer as compared to the other accounts in the bank.
  • Another benefit is the direct deposits of check. Account holder firstly would have to go the banks to deposit their checks in their respective checking account but the problem have been solved by introducing the feature of direct deposit. With the help of direct deposit the paychecks gets automatically deposited in the respective checking account of the account holder.
  • Checking account also provides with facilities of debit cards so that faster access can take place for the account holders. And majority of banks have established their ATMs as several distance so that the account holders can withdraw their money from the account. Even the checking account holders can use the different banks ATMs for withdrawing their money with the ease.


  • The biggest disadvantage of checking account is the overdraft fees system. Account holders have the perception of minimum balance in their checking account which can be maintained in the account but the bank charges overdraft fees if the balance fall minimum. The bank will send the message and details regarding the overdraft fees to the account holder of the checking account.
  • Other disadvantage of checking account is the limitation on the number of withdrawals from the ATMs. All banks have their different idea and system and accordingly they function. This demerit restricts the account holder to use the ATM service for many times. It is possible that the bank can charge additional fees for undergoing the transaction through ATMs.
  • Before opening the checking account in the bank it is advisable to note down all the necessary information of the bank and the prescribed information because it can create problems afterwards. Because every bank have their different rules and regulations which can be varied and not according to the requirement of the checking account holder.

Points To Consider While Selecting A Credit Card

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Credit CardAlmost every bank and financial institution offers credit cards to its clients these days; these cards allow you to make purchases of consumer goods as well as services on credit. In fact, making purchases with credit cards is the most common form of payment nowadays and this has already led to a direct increase in the level of consumerism. With the increased use of credit cards, different types of credit cards have made their foray into the market and therefore if you are planning to get a new credit card it is important that you understand which the best for you is.

Selecting a credit card

• First, it is important for you to know about the different kinds of credit cards available. While the most common type of credit card is the one offered by banks, there are retail store credit cards and entertainment and travel cards as well. You will have to understand which kind of credit card will suit your need the best and decide accordingly.

• You will have to also determine how you plan to use the credit card. If at times you run short of money and are unable to pay the entire credit card bills and would want to pay only the minimum amount then you can opt for a credit card with low interest rate.

• While choosing a credit card it is also very important to verify the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), balance transfer, cash advances and periodic rate of purchase. Compare the APR with monthly rate schemes and see whether it is worth choosing or not.

• See whether a credit card offers grace period or interest free period or not and also check out whether the card can be grouped with cash advance plans or not.

• Check whether the payment scheme or plan suits you or not.

Opening A Merchant Account For Your Online Business

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Merchant AccountOpening a merchant account is necessary if you want to do online business. In order to open a merchant you will have to find the right service provider. After that there are other steps involved to get things done. There are two ways in which a merchant account can be created. It can be done through the local bank or from the online merchant account from the internet. Given below are the steps in brief to explain the whole procedure:

• Finding the provider- there are many merchant account providers who can help you to create an account but you should always trust the one who has got a good reputation. Researching on who can be your provider may take some time but since it is crucial for your business it is better you take some time to find the correct provider. The contract, terms and conditions, reputations and fees should be taken into consideration while choosing the provider.

• Applying for an account- after choosing the provider the next step would be to apply for the merchant account. When you apply for this type of account there will be some documents which would be required such as credit history, social security number, the financial strength of your business, the business plan, business bank statement, tax returns and many such things.

• Waiting for approval- after applying for the merchant account the relative department will check all the documents thoroughly and that will take days or even weeks. The validity of the application will be verified by the account providers and they would also determine whether your business is fit for the merchant account or not. When the approval is done you will be able to accept credit card payments once you confirm the account. The confirmation would include a few basic questions which you have to answer.

Saving Resolution For 2014

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Money SavingAs the New year starts approaching people start deciding and making plans on various things like holidays , beauty treatments ,which new car to purchase or even a new house for that reason. People become elaborate in their spending but very few people think of making a New Year resolution of trying to build up their bank balances. This can only happen if one makes ‘saving’ their goal in life. Since saving can be a challenge for the future then why not in this New Year 2014 let us all decide on ways and methods to save money for a better future.

Now the million dollar question that would arise to everyone’s mind would be “How”? Well there are many ways to do so, it’s only that one has to have the strength, dedication and determination to say “No” to various things like cutting down on Smoking, and the daily intake of Alcohol, parties, going to restaurants more during the week, going to the salon more often than required, going to the clubs to play cards and end up losing more money than gaining. Purchasing things that are out of their budget just because they want to keep up with the Jones, can prove to make a big hole in the pocket.

It is human nature to envy what others have and that makes us do irrational things, like purchasing just because we think that it will make us feel better about ourselves, this is what happens when ones willpower is very low as willpower is a highly elusive quality in every human being. Many times people become egoistic and the thrill of immediate gratification lasts for a certain time span, but the longer the period it gets harder and thus results in high failure rate. As one cannot buy ‘Willpower’ or ‘Stamina’.
As we all lack strong willpower at some point in our lives so why not make our weakest point our strength in achieving our goal of saving money. So now let us start from today and never forget the saying “Drop by Drop makes an Ocean”.